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Theatre Out Of The Shadows, is a new kind of classical play festival set for May 2021 featuring female playwrights. Shadowpath is currently auditioning for an Audio Drama from the cannon of Roswitha, the first known female playwright!

Sapientia is a medieval short play written in the 10th century, about a Christian noblewoman and her three daughters who resist the emperor Hadrian’s demands to worship the pagan gods.

Be forewarned the play features highly disturbing content. You can read Sapientia online via OR which we highly recommend before auditioning.

Approximately 12 - 15 hours of virtual rehearsals will run between March 15 – April 15 and the material will be recorded/edited for May 1st.



ANTIOCHUS – Servant to the emperor. Subservient, bowing, always seeking favour.
HADRIAN – Emperor of Rome. Can stand no distraction from his greatness, especially from the Christians.
SAPIENTIA – Royalty from Greece. Came to Rome to learn why Christians are being persecuted and to consecrate her daughters to their religion.
FAITH – Eldest daughter 12. Unafraid of torture
HOPE – Second daughter 10. Ready to die for her faith
CHARITY – Youngest daughter 8. Will obey her mother in everything. Wants to be worthy of eternal joy.
MATRON – Noble Christian woman who has stood by Sapientia through the ordeal

We encourage submissions from performers from diverse cultures, abilities, orientations, communities and backgrounds.

Please prepare an audio or video clip using one of the sides found here:

Please send clip LINK to Maissa Bessada at
Please use a file sharing program like We Transfer/Dropbox.

It is highly recommended that you use a microphone as opposed to speaking directly into your computer or phone.

Deadline March 5th, 2021, 5pm.

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