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Location: Harbourfront Centre - Studio Theatre
Ticket Price: 20% Off Tickets and $15.00 Tickets for Students
Time of show (evening): 08:00 pm/10:00pm

Daniel Barrow’s work is impossible to contain and frequently takes the form of subtle stage works of “manual animation.” At the centre of his decidedly analogue set of tools – which include VHS, overhead projection, optical effects and live storytelling – is Barrow, the performer, manipulating his involving and frequently unnerving illustrations by hand.

Witty, vulnerable and grotesque, Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry is the story of an art school failure turned garbage man who attempts to create a catalogue of the city’s inhabitants. But this dream is doomed when the artist’s modus operandi – spying through windows and searching through garbage for information – is appropriated by a homicidal maniac who follows behind him, killing all who appear in his masterwork.

The Winnipeg-born Sobey Art Award winner is a darkly insightful Canadian original. This work simultaneously effaces and confirms the essence of theatre through its runaway allegory – evoking nostalgia even as it expertly dissects it.

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