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Offer begins on: 14/09/2017 Expires: 14/10/2017

Location: Tarragon Theatre - Extraspace
Ticket Price: $ 27.00 CAD

Time of show (matinee): Wednesdays 01:30pm/ Saturday 02:30 pm
Time of show (evening): 08:00 pm

No performance September 30

Ticket Type: Artsworker

Lukumi formerly entitled Bleeders, is an Afro-futurist Dub Opera set in post-apocalypse Turtle Island in 2167, 150 years after WWIII and 100 years after the Period of Explosions (PoE). The PoE saw the widespread meltdown of nuclear power plants – due to global environmental degradation – making the surface of the earth virtually uninhabitable. A group of freedom fighters called the Ahosi Mino live underground in intricate cave systems where they are viciously hunted by The One World Army. Having access to ancient knowledge, the Ahosi Mino must send a Lukumi on a vision quest, descending through eight layers of earth, to find humanity's redemption or to die trying.

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