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Location: Harbourfront Centre Theatre
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Time of show (matinee): 02:00pm
Time of show (evening): 08:00 pm

Mies Julie is South African theatre-maker Yael Farber’s unforgettable representation of the echoes of injustice in a post-traumatic society.

Twenty-three years after the end of apartheid, the white daughter of a landowner and the black son of her father’s servant wage love and war in the kitchen of a desolated South African farmstead, living the tensions and traumas of contemporary South Africa. Through Farber’s incisive vision, August Strindberg’s classic story of class and gender in conflict comes to startling new life.

Yael Farber is one of the major voices of contemporary South Africa. Over the last decade, she has earned a global reputation for her devastating portraits of human nature. Her Mies Julie was the unqualified favourite of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at its international premiere in 2012. Presented by World Stage in 2014, it remains one of the most sought-after touring productions in the world.

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