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Location: Harboufront Centre Theatre
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Time of show (matinee): 04:00 pm
Time of show (evening): 08:00pm

Kitt Johnson is one of Denmark’s most acclaimed dancer-choreographers. In her work, where imagination determines outward expression, expressionism and virtuosity find rare harmony. Her solo, Rankefod, is widely considered one of the most important Danish dance works of this century.

As a performer, Johnson appears capable of movements that have their source in pre-conscious, biological intention. In Rankefod – the Danish word for barnacles – she distils movement from the far corners of the natural world. Her translation of this vocabulary onto the human body is so successful, so seamless, that humanity itself appears insubstantial. As it flickers, dissolves and reforms, Homo sapiens registers as a simple biological dance move performed by something much older and deeper.

Transcendent and unadorned Rankefod electrified Toronto audiences in 2008, receiving a Dora Award nomination and establishing itself as an emblematic World Stage presentation. More than a decade after its premiere, Rankefod’s imagery remains tenacious.

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