Workshop: Call for Workshop Participants with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities, Harbourfront Centre

Workshop / Classes

Call For Workshop Participants This March, Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage will present Disabled Theater, created by French choreographer Jérôme Bel with Switzerland’s Theater HORA. In partnership with World Stage, Theater HORA will host a unique 5-day workshop and theatre creation lab open to local performers with developmental/intellectual disabilities (actors, dancers, singers, musicians) to work collaboratively… Read more »

Workshop: Zata Omm – World Stage Masterclass, Harbourtfront Centre

Workshop / Classes

Part of Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage Masterclass series, Zata Omm Dance Projects will use choreographic resources that are designed to develop participants’ personal imagination skills in order to enhance the creation of new and original dance movement.

Call for Submissions: The Culture Build Investment Program, City of Toronto


The Culture Build Investment Program provides matching funds to assist the City’s not-for-profit cultural sector with funding for state of good repair capital projects. The arts and cultural organizations that are supported through the Culture Build Investment Program provide a wide variety of opportunities for Toronto residents to engage in the arts as participants, volunteers or… Read more »

Workshop: Where Stories Live with Shawna Reiter, Puppetmongers

Workshop / Classes

Saturday March 14, 10 am to 4 pm. Cost: $150 Email: Telephone: 416-469-3555 Studio Address: Unit W-23 at 388 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON If you are a puppeteer, you are well aware that the title comes with an array of job descriptions: building puppets, sets and props; script writing; performing; never ending administrative duties.

Workshop: Halogen Shadow Puppetry, Puppetmongers

Workshop / Classes

Halogen lamps are the most exciting new thing in shadow projection, as a powerful tool for puppeteers and imaginative theatre practitioners alike. Halogen wheels Halogen lamps are a single-point light source, like the sun, so the projected image stays in focus wherever the puppet/object is manipulated.

Workshop: Mouth Puppetry for the Camera, Mike Petersen

Workshop / Classes

Mouth Puppetry for the Camera with Mike Petersen Saturday February 28th, 10 am to 4 pm. $250 (includes tech and technicians) You’ve got your puppet. You like it. You like the way it looks, the way it laughs; you like its voice, its personality, the stories it tells and the company it keeps.

Audition: TD Dance Intern, Toronto Dance Theatre


2015/16 Season Auditions: TD Dancer Intern Auditions March 21, 2015 (subject to change) Toronto Dance Theatre, under the direction of Christopher House, seeks dancer interns with strong, articulate technique, skill in improvisation, and an interest in artistic research and collaboration.

Job Posting: Practicum opportunities: Film and Media at The Banff Centre: Audio, interactive graphics, video, photography, editor, The Banff Centre

Job Posting

The Banff Centre’s Practicum Program is an experiential learning opportunity that marries technical training in the arts with hands-on, real world experiences. Practicum participants learn from an array of sources that include faculty, mentor staff, peers, and the artists creating, producing and performing art at The Banff Centre.