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The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA)
INVITES YOU to a Community Consultation about

Gender in the Dora Mavor Moore Awards

Welcome to the Dora Awards Review conversation! TAPA is inviting all interested parties involved in theatre, dance and opera productions in the Toronto area to discuss:

  • This facilitated community consultation is a roundtable discussion.
  • The focus of the conversation will be how performance award categories of Toronto’s Dora Awards might better acknowledge artistic practices that move beyond the gender binary of “Outstanding Performance of a Male/Female.”
  • Using the current structure and definitions of the Dora Award performance categories as the conversation starter, we are interested in hearing from engaged community participants regarding potential adjustments..

Kevin Ormsby * (see bio below)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 7:00pm-9:30pm
Doors open 6:30pm, with sharp 7:00pm start.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Tallulah’s Cabaret
12 Alexander Street

by Friday, January 26 - LIMITED CAPACITY
Scott Dermody, Dora Awards Manager,
Questions? 416.536.6468 x 26



  • In April 2017, in partnership with Modern Times Stage Company’s “Beyond Representation Symposium,” TAPA hosted Gender Fluidity and Theatrical Practice, moderated by Brendan Healy, with featured panelists Sze-Yang Ade-Lam, Alec Butler and Gein Wong. This conversation about Gender Fluidity was a beginning and we are still in the process of listening and learning. The entire panel discussion is available on TAPA’s FACEBOOK page here (2 parts):
  • Review Premise:

    The Dora Awards Review Working Group overarching premise is to maintain the sustainability, integrity, relevance and prestige of the Dora Mavor Moore Awards. The Dora Awards review process is in response to the evolving TAPA membership and in response to changing artistic practices. Additionally PAIS faces financial and practical limitations in sustaining the current Dora Awards structure. The Review Working Group is tasked with addressing these challenges by evaluating existing award Divisions, Categories and certain administrative processes. The Review Working Group must consider recommended solutions including reducing the total number of awards while taking into account limitations and changes. Recommendations will be arrived at and supported by:
    1) TAPA via research & support tools and recommendations;
    2) Experience of Working Group members;
    3) The TAPA membership & community, via Town Halls and Community Convenings.

    The Dora Review Working Group will make recommendations for amendments/changes to the Dora Mavor Moore Awards for approval by the TAPA Board of Directors, with certain amendments/ changes submitted for a vote to the TAPA membership at large, results of which to be applied in good timing for the 2018-2019 Dora registration season.


  • Kevin Ormsby Bio
    Program Manager of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario and Artistic Director of KasheDance, Kevin Ormsby is a Ontario Arts Council’s Chalmers Fellowship recipient, KM Hunter Dance Award Nominee, a Toronto Arts Council’s Cultural Leaders Lab Fellow and The Canada Council for the Arts’ Victor Martyn Lynch – Staunton Award supporting a career that extends from the creative practice, administration, advocacy and education in the Arts.


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