About the Pauline McGibbon Award

  • Established in 1981, the award honours former Lieutenant Governor Pauline McGibbon for her support and patronage of the arts. It includes a $7,000 prize and a medal designed by Dora de Pédery-Hunt.
  • The award is presented to an Ontario-resident professional artist in the early stages of their career who has contributed to the well-being of Ontario’s theatre community, displays unique talent and has the potential for excellence.
  • The award is cyclical in nature: the first year of the three-year cycle, the award goes to a designer, the second year to a director, and the third year to a production craftsperson.
  • The award is given each year by the Province of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and is administered by the Ontario Arts Council.

The Pauline McGibbon Award medal, designed by Dora de Pédery-Hunt.





The 2019 Recipient of the Pauline McGibbon Award for will be announced at the Dora Awards Nominees Press Conference on 28 May, 2019 from the lobby of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre.

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