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The unimPRESSed Release**~~!! Save the Date !!~~** Sunday, June 16th

We’re back folks. Can you believe we’ve been getting away with being sh*t-disturbers for 25 years now? We’re going to party hard about it and you should probably come because we’re cheaper than the Dora’s and we dance the whole time.

No one is “penning” the ceremony, there will be no host. Lighting and sound provided by the switches in the building and an iPod shuffle hooked up to a speaker.

We’re getting wild.

Seriously though, the Harolds really are special. We want to come back better than ever this year and celebrate not only the new Haroldee’s (which let’s be honest, is the best award you could ever get) but the Harold Winners from the past 25 years. Indie theatre created an event that has lasted 25 years and somehow we still manage to get ourselves together and celebrate. We must rock this legacy.

The Harold’s are for everyone! We’re going to rock the house on a Sunday night and party like it’s 1995 and we’re all in college. This is legitimately a house party. Find a pal and find out who is honoured into the “Indie Sorority” houses this year.

Let’s get heckling.

Harold Awards 2019

Sunday June 16, 2019 Doors at 7:30, Awards at 8 51 Trolley Crescent, Toronto Tickets: 10$

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