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The Paprika Festival Announces: The Intersection

A conference and party for the new generation of Theatre Artists comes to Toronto.

Toronto, ON – March 4, 2015 – The Paprika Festival announces The Intersection , a conference for the new generation of artists. After fourteen years of presenting theatre created by young artists, Paprika is kicking off its Festival on May 2nd at the Theatre Centre with an entirely new initiative: a day of education, professional networking, and dinner followed by a debate of the contestable statement: Talent and creative endeavour is not enough. Today, and more and more in the future, artistic professionals must focus as much on business skills and audience building as the art itself.

The Intersection is a day of debates, performances, workshops and activities for individuals newly working in the professional theatre world. It will discuss what political and artistic goals matter to the new generation, as well as the practical matters of how to make and sustain a life in the arts today. This event will be a space for young artists to voice their experiences in the professional theatre arts and critically discuss what skills or resources they need as they develop their careers as professional artists. This is a new initiative devoted to supporting the future of Toronto Performance.

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