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The Howland Company Reading Group is a free event where anyone is welcome to cold-read a part in the chosen play (copies are provided and roles are assigned and switched around on the fly) and to meet and chat with other theatre enthusiasts.

'33 Variations' analyses an important classical composition from the vantage of two different time periods. In the 1820's Beethoven is at work writing his 33 variations on a theme by Diabelli, and in 2006 an American musicologist is trying to decipher the impulses that led to its creation. Beethoven's music is an integral element of the show and our reading will feature some brief musical interludes.

We will be holding this month's reading at 73 Howland Avenue in the Annex; Sunday, September 27 at 7:30PM.

All are welcome. Read or just listen. Bring a friend, bring some wine, and join us for '33 Variations'.

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