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When: Thursday March 24th, 7:00PM
Where: Berkeley Street Theatre (meet in the lobby)

The Howland Company Reading Group is a free event held in and around the last Monday of every month (PLEASE NOTE, IT'S A THURSDAY THIS TIME!). Anyone is welcome to drop by, cold-read a part in the chosen play (copies are provided and roles are assigned and switched around on the fly) and get the opportunity to engage in discussion, and meet people in the community! This month we will be reading Penelope Skinner's 'The Village Bike'.

"Becky's pregnant and frustrated. But her husband is more interested in the baby manual than her new underwear."

The dilemma which opens this dark comedy sets up what appears to be a typical British sex-farce: a young couple, marital difficulties, a quaint English village, leaky plumbing, double entendres. What follows is an outrageous and unpredictable ride as Becky pursues her desire, enacts her fantasies, and delves deep into an odyssey of sexual obsession. Skinner's play opened at London's Royal Court Theatre in 2011, had an acclaimed production in New York with Greta Gerwig in 2014, and has yet to receive a Canadian premiere.

Come and join us on THURSDAY MARCH 24th for a reading of 'The Village Bike'. We will be gathering in the lobby of the Berkeley just outside the Downstairs Theatre at 7:00PM.

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