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Undercurrent Creations hosts “Contracting in Unprecedented Times”, a panel exploring how the performing arts sector can navigate agreements, consent, and contracting, in healthy and anti-oppressive ways, as we adapt to digital spaces. 

Presented in partnership with foldA as part of The Start-Up industry series.

As the live arts sector continues to create and present work in digital spaces, how do we make agreements that are transparent, realistic, and meaningfully consensual? How do we consider the traditional ephemerality of live events alongside the realities of digital platforms, and be intentional about recording, distribution, archiving and posterity? What are the opportunities, limitations, and barriers are posed by working in digital spaces, in general but also specifically for artists and others used to the conditions of live work? How can arts organizations host spaces for performance and performance conversation that are online, and still experimental, iterative, emergent, and honest? How can performing artists and arts workers best protect themselves when entering into agreements for work in digital space? How can all involved collaborate to create agreements that are responsive to changing circumstances? 

Moderator Rachel Penny guides a conversation with panelists Donna Michelle St. Bernard (Artistic Director, New Harlem Productions), Owais Lightwala (Assistant Professor, Ryerson University School of Performance), Kim Sənklip Harvey (Indigenous Theorist and Cultural Evolutionist), and Nico Elliott (Lawyer, Artists’ Legal Advice Services). 
Curated by Rachel Penny and Nikki Shaffeeullah. 


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