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Floyd Favel Native Performance Culture

Native Performance Culture and The Rhythm of Re Conciliation: Re-membering Ourselves in Deep Time

Lecture Demonstration with Poundmaker Cree Playwright


Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Street, 3rd Flr (Use the St. George Entrance)
Reception to Follow

The University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies; Jackman Humanities Institute; and Centre for Indigenous Studies are pleased to present Poundmaker Cree Playwright and Director Floyd Favel who will conduct a lecture demonstration on Native Performance Culture (NpC) following two days of workshops at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Mr. Favel describes Native Performance Culture as the development of a process “that reduces Native songs and dances to bare essentials, a process that links us to, and leads us from, the sources of this country, our life and the ancestors” (69).[1] It is a process that plunges us into deep time where, as artists and scholars, we might locate ourselves “sitting at the feet of the ancestors” (Favel 63).[2] And it is perhaps through processes such as this, we might begin to devise works that will build a legacy of truth and conciliation for future generations in this land we now call Canada.

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