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M/othering in the Industry is a 3 week event sponsored by Telefim Canada that will feature three stellar panels open to the public and a Black-only mentored residency for m/others working in the industry and media arts. 

Symposium panels include:

Thriving Mamas - Thursday April 29th 

Thriving Mamas is a high-energy kick-off event featuring mamas who have been making it work in the industry. Panelists will share personal stories of inspiration, self-advocacy, and how they’ve been thriving while centring their family’s needs. 

Monetizing M/otherhood - Thursday May 6th

Monetizing M/otherhood gets into the nuts and bolts of guest speakers’ experiences with centring the theme of m/othering in their work - from creating TV series’ and children’s programming, to launching family-friendly production companies, offering case studies and resources. 

Strategies for Change - Thursday May 13th 

Strategies for Change will take us from identifying barriers faced by working m/others in the industry, to naming actionable solutions for change. Industry insiders and leaders will discuss opportunities and policies to normalize childcare in the budget line and create family-friendly workplaces.


While our application-based residency includes:

·  A Black-only community-centred, holistic group mentorship experience

·  Access to film and media artists across Canada

·  VIP access to all industry panels; and

·  A stipend

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Looking forward to the #bwfmotheringintheindustry, a multi-week virtual symposium and residency offering real support to Black m/others as we work together to help facilitate change in the industry. Register at @bwfcanada 


Are you a Black m/other active in the film and media arts industry? Apply for #bwfmotheringresidency, a paid virtual mentored residency at @bwfcanada 

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