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Theatre Passe Muraille will be hosting an experiment in accessibility through testing a cost-efficient open captioning addition for a special performance of "Sound of the Beast."

We invite independent artists, producers, and interested parties to this special performance on April 30th at 2pm.

For the past two years we have been working on integrating and establishing "best practices" in accessibility. These have included ASL interpretation, Deaf interpretation, Live open captioning, and most recently Integrated Audio Description. This work has been shared and lead by many of our colleagues in the artistic community in attempts to eliminate barriers to attendance and create more inclusive spaces in our city.

However, we recognize that often "best practices" can quickly become perceived as the only practice acceptable. We do not believe this is the case. We also recognize that the human resources required to implement many of these initiatives can become cost-prohibitive for many underfunded independent artists and collectives. The result of this is less opportunities for inclusion of audiences on the whole, and also less opportunities for small independent organizations to develop relationships with more diverse communities.

The experimental captioning method that we will be attempting will use a mix of consumer accessible free software and professional, but accessibly priced industry standard equipment. We are making every endeavour to minimize the human resources cost, and hope to be able to provide an approximation of what implementing such an initiative might cost.

As an arts institution in this city it is our role to use our resources to take the risks that smaller organizations cannot. And so we would be pleased if you can join us as we attempt this endeavour. We do not expect it to be perfect. We value your input and your expertise as peers and colleagues in honing a, perhaps, new and accessible strategy for accessibility via open captioning.

To reserve your FREE ticket to the Open Captioning Experimental performance of Sound of the Beast on April 30th at 2pm please email:

Jenn Sartor, Producer -
Subject heading: Experiment SOB

NOTE: Seating is very limited, and tickets will be first-come first-serve.

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