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Date: Monday November 9th, 2020

Performing Arts Information Representation Community Group (PAIR-CG) KICK-OFF

Call to artists, researchers, critics and funders to join the PAIR-CG this Monday November 9th 2-3pm ET.

PAIR-CG is a group designed to collaboratively create digital infrastructure to support performing arts online tools. As performance and live arts is increasingly represented online, perspectives and insights from arts, companies and collaborators are needed to ensure that the digital domain serves the needs of arts and culture communities. Imagine having an expert arts curator in your pocket, or a “Netflix” or “Spotify” for the performing arts. These tools are possible, but only if we work together to build a representational model that speaks to the current methods, modes and ways of making art.

Join Sarah Bay-Cheng, Dean of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University and Mariel Marshall, core member of experimental performance company bluemouth inc. for the launch of the Performing Arts Information Representation Community Group.

Many existing tools and technologies rely on models of the performing arts that are outdated or unreflective of the ways that artists are actually making work. Digital tools, such as digital archiving, recommendation engines and online search, were created with minimal input or consultation from artists while relying on content that artists produce. The aim of this initiative is to help build a bridge between artists and digital technologies, so that artists can play an active role in guiding how these tools are created and implemented in the future.

This event is suitable for all artists, producers, funders or members of the performing arts, no technological expertise is required.

Register at: PAIR-CG Kick-off

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