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Playing with Time at the AGO

This is the second session in a series of meet-ups hosted by the Designer-Director Exchange. This month we will be responding to the question: how can the elements of design work within time?
We will kick off the evening in the Weston Family Learning Centre at the AGO.

Please arrive on time, as we will be disappearing into the gallery spaces of the AGO later in the evening.

Admission to the AGO is free from 6pm onward. Please bring a notebook and something to write with.

Schedule for the Evening:

6:10 – Meet and greet
6:20 – Spotlight: the elements of design operating in time
7:00 – Gallery hunt!
8:00 – Group sharing and discussion
8:30 – Designer-Director group Q and A
9:00 – The gallery closes. We head to Handlebar in Kensington market for drinks! (159 Augusta Ave)

Cost to participate: FREE. All are welcome!

The Designer-Director Exchange

The time is ripe to kick-start a dialogue between designers and performance makers across the city.

The Designer-Director Exchange is a forum for designers, directors, and all others who are passionate about the visual/sonic aspects of performance to meet, share skills and resources and form vital creative relationships.
Through a monthly series of workshops and discussions we want create a space where creative minds can embolden and inspire one another, and to encourage a sense of community and peer support.

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