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Looking for Paul is many things at once: it is a performance about shocking works of art; it is a performance that stages a discussion about how art can shock; it is itself a shocking work of art.

Join us in a challenging pre-show “Devil’s Advocate”-style discussion, facilitated by World Stage Scholars-in-Residence Denise Cruz and Matthew Sergi – who will take on, for argument’s sake, the opinion directly opposite from whatever has most recently been said – and who will playfully encourage you to do the same. Come out early and try out different and opposing opinions, just to see what fits, as we tackle tough questions about where and whether lines should be drawn – especially at publicly funded institutions like Harbourfront Centre – between challenging art and harmful offense, between free speech and aggressive intrusion, between the private and the public.

Looking for Paul: Inez van Dam vs. the Buttplug Gnome
Pre-show Tea - Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – 7pm
Join us for a series of Pre-show Teas with our World Stage Scholars-in-Residence.
Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to the opening performance of Looking for Paul.

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