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In today’s technologically advanced world, we’ve come to depend on machines in ways that people living a century ago might never have imagined.

We can’t leave home without our phones in our pockets; we monitor our steps and our snacks and the breaths we take on fitbits; and some of us even tune our heart beats to the regulation of a pacemaker. How have these technologies changed the ways we imagine our bodies? Are bodies just organic material or do they necessarily include the technologies that we have come to depend upon for that organic material to function as we think it should? Are we truly ourselves if separated from these technologies? Can we ever truly be ourselves if we have come to depend on technologies, mass-produced and mass-marketed, to feel at home in our own bodies? And in a world where ourselves are inseparable from our machines, what, exactly, does self-expression look like? Steer proposes one answer; join World Stage Scholar-in-Residence Julia Fawcett as we think about how Zata Omm’s choreographies help us to think about the relationship between our technologies, our bodies, and ourselves in new ways.

This FREE pre-show chat (with tea) starts one hour before the opening night of Steer, Wednesday, May 11 at World Stage.

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