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Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar on Monday 28th @ 7:00PM

We look forward to kicking off 2019 chapter of The Howland Company’s Reading Group with Sylvia Khoury’s ‘Selling Kabul’.

Following the exit of American forces from Afghanistan, translator Taroon is left without the protection of the foreign army he used to serve and facing threats from an increasingly powerful Taliban. The play follows his journey as he fights for his family and tries to chart a future for them in a country beset with upheaval. Sylvia Khoury’s earlier play ‘Against the Hillside’ had it’s premiere in New York City last year, but we look forward to reading ’Selling Kabul’, as it has yet to receive a major professional production after appearing on the Kilroys List in 2017.

Kilroys is a Los Angeles based Collective of playwrights and producers, advocating for parity in theatre for women, trans, and non-binary artists. Their list is an annual, American-wide survey of what was deemed to be the best new un- or underproduced work from woman, trans and non-binary playwrights by that country’s leading artistic directors, dramaturges, actors and playwrights. In 2017, The List list was focused exclusively on works by playwrights of colour.

The Howland Company Reading Group is a free event held on the last Monday of every month. Anyone is welcome to drop by, cold-read a part in the chosen play (copies are provided and roles are assigned and switched around on the fly) and get the opportunity to engage in discussion, and meet people in the community!

We will be convening again at the back of the Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar on Monday 28th @ 7:00PM. Grab a pint, some food, and join us!

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