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In anticipation of opening ‘Punk Rock’ at the Crowsnest, we’ll be reading Simon Stephens’ 2005 play, ‘On the Shore of the Wide World’.

Stockport, the suburb of Manchester where ‘Punk Rock’ takes place, is also the setting for this play. The three generations of the Holmes family who are the focus of ‘Wide World’, share the same sense of disconnect and dread as the high school students of our production. But where ‘Punk Rock’ has a visceral, chaotic energy that propels it’s action, ‘Wide World’ moves indirectly, with a seemingly gentler, quieter pace. The pressures and changes that the Holmes family encounter as the play unfolds, are no less profound or life-altering though. ‘On the Shore of the Wide World’ was awarded the Oliver for Best New Play after it premiered in England, and recently received an acclaimed production in New York from the Atlantic Theatre Company.

The Howland Company Reading Group is a free event held in the last week of every month. Anyone is welcome to drop by, cold-read a part in the chosen play (copies are provided and roles are assigned and switched around on the fly) and get the opportunity to engage in discussion, and meet people in the community.

Join us un Monday March 26th @ 7:00PM: we’ll be returning to Room 214 at The Gladstone Hotel: Grab some food, a drink at the bar, and then come up to read a play with us!

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