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Photo credit to David Chinchilla, from D.M.C Photography

Shakespeare in Hospitals is BACK!


Come out to the Imperial Pub to give our newest cast a send-off in style! Dress up to get down- or if you are just coming from work, donate a dollar to get some of our cute mini tophats, moustaches or monocles (yes, we said monocles!) We'll have sneak peek monologues from our performers within the theme of finding a common language, some crazy-cozy singers, and a dance party that only the Imperial Pub can give.

As always, keep an eye out for the SiH alumni sharing their profound stories about their experiences. Musical acts, raffles, and more fun things are to be announced. Torey is particularly excited about a ribbon cutting ceremony, but you didn't hear that from me.

Admission to our event is PWYC, suggested donation of $10.

All proceeds will go towards production costs of our touring show (that we created ourselves, with pieces from Shakespearean plays) in hospitals across the GTA. These are all done free of charge to the hospitals, as we work to break down barriers between us, our audience and the Bard.

Our performers include:

Bilal Baig
Amaka Umeh
Ermina Perez
Emma Tse
Jordi O'Dael
Genvieve Adam*

As directed by:
Iain Moggach
Darcy Gerhart*
Eric Benson

And curated by Victoria Urquhart

*Appears with the permission of Canadian Actors Equity Association

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