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Five years ago, a project was started with the intent to perform Shakespeare on subway cars…
NOW it is a collective of over 70 alumni, and countless friends and supporters!

The Spur of the Moment Shakespeare Collective wants to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of the cause over the past five years by throwing an EPIC birthday party! Including awesome party favours like…

- FREE cupcakes
- FREE raffle tickets
- AWESOME DANCING TUNES provided by our resident DJ Sinergy !
- An opportunity to win awesome prizes like a copy of Kill Shakespeare’s ‘Mask of Night'
- Performances by Paint and Jessica Speziale!
- And many, many more!

…Are you a donor? An artist? A friend? Someone who’s hearing about us for the first time? It’s ALL good!

ON TOP OF ALL THESE GOODIES, entrance is Pay What You Want: If you gave a heap to us this past year and want to save your cash for some of our later shows, come in for free! If you’ve just heard about us and want to give a grand just because we’re an awesome cause, we wouldn’t say no either 😉
As an added thanks for supporting our work, we want YOU to set the price!

All funds raised go to the Shakespeare-In-Hospitals 2015 Program.

Doors @ 8PM

To learn more about the SOTMSC, you can check out:

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