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Since subcultures—ball culture included—draw their passion and style from a history of being marginal

, what does it mean to bring the ballroom scene onto a mainstream venue like World Stage or Buddies In Bad Times Theatre? Where has ball culture been so far; how has it changed in prior partnerships with mainstream institutions (from Madonna’s co-opting to the pop rebranding of ballroom lingo on RuPaul’s Drag Race)? In an arts community in which small-scale innovators are becoming dependent on institutional grants, support, and publicity in order to survive at all, how can ball culture sustainably continue without mainstream partnerships—or, if it enters into institutional partnerships, how can it maintain its realness?

Join World Stage Scholars-in-Residence Matthew Sergi and Julia Fawcett along with Mother Trouble Nuance and Mother Tko Monroe for an open-ended forum discussion on Subculture Futures, in which your questions and comments will drive our conversation.

Subculture Futures
Presented by Harbourfront Centre's World Stage and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Tuesday, January 26 at 7pm
Free admission

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