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February 20, 2020

Arts Ahead's 2020 Symposium
Transforming Tomorrow: Creating and Producing Art in a Changing World

How can we create art, manage arts and cultural organizations in our current political, social, and environmental culture?

What are the changes on the horizon within the arts and its management?

How can we as creative thinkers and leaders, adapt and grow in a rapidly changing environment?

Centennial College’s 2020 Arts Management Cohort invites you to the 5th annual Arts Ahead Symposium to connect with colleagues and get inspired by the new generation of artists and arts managers. Our goal is to examine the current changes happening within the arts and its management, as well as the future changes that will be necessary in order to adapt. Emerging and New Generation Leaders - Art and Activism - Immersive and Interactive Experiences - Breaking Barriers in Creating and Producing
And more!

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Panelists Include: Christine Moynihan, Ilana Altman, Melissa Foster, Victor Pokinko, Kevin Mathew Wong and more!

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