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May 10th at 8pm

"I donno… that’s the first time I thought like, man, where would I be? And I thought about it again and again and I realized I’d be one of them first knockouts. I’m kinda flat, and my hair’s all frizzy and I’m always breaking out and… I’d be one of the no’s, for sure. I’d never thought about that before. And I wondered, you know, how do you fix that? How do you go and make yourself a yes?"


treena, age 21 was inspired by the documentary Hot Girls Wanted. It explores the after-effects of the amateur porn industry and one woman's search for self-acceptance.

This workshop performance features Sarah Cashin as Treena and is generously supported by Roseneath Theatre through the OAC Recommender's Grant for Theatre Creators.

Written and directed by Melissa Taylor.

One night only! May 10th at 8pm at the Commons Theatre (587A College Street)

PWYC at the door: all proceeds go directly back to the artists & fund future endeavors!

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