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Wrecking Ball #22: The Nuclear Option

Presented in association with Canadian Stage

One Night Only!
Featuring work from:
Thomas McKechnie, Luke Reece, Gordon Hyland & Sam McClellan, David James Brock, Bob Wiseman, polly phokeev, Johnnie Walker, Andrea Mapili, and Rosamund Small with Griffin McInnes

Canadian Stage Rehearsal Hall | 26 Berkley Street

Box Office opens at 7:00pm | Show starts at 8:00pm
Pay what you can | No advanced sales.

Proceeds from this event will go to the Actors Fund of Canada

#WB22 #NuclearOption

Current political theatre ripped from the zeitgeist and thrown upon the stage.

The Nuclear Option is the informal name given to a US Senate procedure that allows the current majority leader of the Senate to change the voting rules, most recently in the case for the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice, from 60 votes, or a “supermajority”, to a simple majority, or 51 votes.

Yet, escalating international tensions are at a terrifying high with the constant threat of the use of military force. News outlets release information at a “breaking” pace which sends the populous to filter and scroll through viral videos, filibusters, and “fake news” alike. At the Wrecking Ball, we are observing how this informational buffet distracts while those in political power choose to exercise ‘Nuclear Options’.

The Wrecking Ball extends ‘Nuclear Option’ to include political climate (in the US and in Canada), scientific advancements, the recent attacks in Afghanistan, chemical attacks in Syria, Donald Trump’s causal yet vocal stance on military action and Russia, Iran and North Korea conducting Nuclear tests.

For Wrecking Ball #22: we’ve decided to explore the question of what happens when our leaders choose to exercise the ‘Nuclear Option’, something intended as a last, desperate resort, but taken far too early. We are presenting new work by a collection of artists from across the country including esteemed playwrights, spoken word poets, and comedians.

In Wrecking Ball #22, a selection of Toronto’s relevant and daring performance artists will have one week to create a piece, and one additional week to rehearse works connected to the surplus of issues surrounding the topic of ‘Nuclear’.

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