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A regrettable omission. Change takes time and lots of input. At the TAPA press conference yesterday, we failed to name some of the people who helped shape policy change for the Dora Awards.

We would most especially like to acknowledge those artists who played a big part in the move to gender-neutral awards. Our sincere thanks to the individuals listed below for their valuable contribution in helping to shape a new direction for TAPA and the Dora Mavor Moore Awards.

Consultation Facilitators:

Sze-Yang Ade-Lam
Natalie Alvarez
Cole Alvis
Sue Balint
Alec Butler
Sunny Drake
Peter Farbridge
Kumari Giles
Brendan Healy
Tsholo Khalema
Ric Knowles
Kevin Ormsby
Evalyn Parry
Soheil Parsa

Consultation Participants:

Lisa Amerongen
Ashley Bomberry
Kit Boulter
Jennifer Cornish
Allegra Fulton
Sky Gilbert
Fiona Griffiths
Mel Hague
Paul Hay
sandra Henderson
Eleanor O’Connor
Siobhan O'Connor
Bruce Pitkin
Coco Lee
Fabien Maltais-Bayda
Kevin John McDonald
Laura Paduch
Meredith Potter
Luke Reece
Miquelon Rodriguez
Heath V. Salazar
Robert Sauvey
Alexandra Skoczylas
Charles C. Smith
Alina Starkov
Steen Starr
Shula Strassfeld
Vinetta Strombergs
Emily Trace
Geneviève Trottier
Scott White
Ravyn Wngz
Beth Wong

Dora Review Working Group:

Jim Aldridge
Margo Charlton
Chris Goddard
Shana Hillman
Brad Lepp
Amy Mushinski
Annemieke Wade
Gein Wong

TAPA Board of Directors:

Régine Cadet
William Milne
Shana Hillman
Chris Goddard
Jim Aldridge
Beth Brown
Shawn Daudlin
Hamal Docter
Jonathan Heppner
Amy Mushinski
Brett Randall
Kelly Straughan
Annemieke Wade


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