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Obsidian Theatre Company is looking for playwrights to apply for our 2021-2022 OBSIDIAN’S PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT Obsidian is interested in the multiplicity of Black perspectives in Canada and what they mean to the communities we serve. What stories do you want to bring to the stage and why? What does your idea/play bring to a Canadian stage that has not been seen before? These are just some of the questions we are interested in discussing and exploring as we begin the journey of developing new work. PLAYWRIGHT UNIT PROCESS The Unit is a small group of playwrights who meet monthly to discuss their ongoing work on their respective plays/projects. In those meetings we may write, read sections of scripts, discuss the politics of Blackness or just have a cup of tea and chat. The goal is to hold each other accountable on the journey of story/play creation. Outside of the monthly group meetings each playwright receives one on one Dramaturgy sessions as needed. After 10 months of working the unit culminates in a performed reading, where each playwright has the chance to hear an excerpt of their work read at our annual Playwright Unit Showcase. For full list of past participants please checkout our website: Click here to learn more.
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