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This edition of the Speaker Discovery Series (SDS) invites fundraisers to share their stories on the theme of…Metamorphosis!

2020 was a lot! Did you reinvent your role? How did you do it? Did you have a major change in your personal life? Was the big change for you that nothing at all changed?

As we see parts of the world start to reopen, we are emerging from our homes like the cocoons they became. What happened that you want to talk about, or what didn’t happen that you want to share? We’re encouraging speakers (who feel comfortable) to come and share their journey with fellow fundraising professionals.

We hope you’ll consider submitting and joining the night, where we can come back together for open conversation, warmth, and shared unique experiences. The September 2021 edition of the SDS is the perfect time to showcase who you are and get back into the professional development groove.

Let’s all share and support each other while exploring the theme of Metamorphosis in fundraising.

This is open to all Canadian AFP Members!

Learn more and apply

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