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Join us on Monday, June 28th for Episode 4 of The Green Panel Series- “Green Design: From The Ground Up”

This month we’re talking with some of the country’s leading designers about all things Sustainable Design.

Design often gets tagged as one of the largest areas of waste in the theatrical process. Time is sparse, budgets are tight and artistic pursuits might not always align with sustainable objectives. This panel, we’ll discuss all the ways in which we could revolutionize the design process to centre reuse, redesign, and imagination to create a greener design process.

Our panelists this month are:

-Alexandra Lord @alexnlord
-Ken MacKenzie @robotkenneth
-Ian Garrett @igarrett
-Ming Wong @mingwongdesign

Whether you’re a designer who is already ecologically passionate, a newcomer to the idea, or a general arts worker interested in understanding how we might shift this process, join us this coming Monday at 7:30pm EST live on our YouTube channel!

This panel is generously sponsored by @soulpeppertheatre . The GPS is brought to you by @canadiangreenalliance , @tapa_to & @singular_sensation

[ID: On a clay pink background, a photo of a hand upturned. Above it, a lit lightbulb levitates. Atop the photo the text reads “Canadian Green Alliance and TAPA present The Green Panels” Below the photo the text reads “Episode 4- Green Design: From The Ground Up” The second slide reads “Episode Sponsor- Soulpepper. Series partners- Canadian Green Alliance, TAPA. Producing Partners- Singular Sensation]
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