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We have launched a new Group Mentorship Course for arts professionals across Canada that I thought you might want to share with your communityThis is part of the Professional Development & Mentorship Project (PDM Project) – a pilot program created in partnership between The AFCAFBS, and Dancer Transition Resource Centre, with support from the Canada Council for The Arts. This pilot program is for Canadian arts and entertainment professionals of any age and career stage who are looking for insight and guidance for specific career advancement goals, career exploration or career transition. Through this one-month mentorship experience, program participants will have access to three seasoned professionals in the arts and entertainment sector – dance, theatre, and film & TV. You can learn more about mentors at The group mentor/mentee experience will be a combination of collective learning and guidance with opportunities for individual attention. The course will be delivered virtually in July-September, 2021. Participation is by application only. The application deadline is Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 5 pm (ET). For dates, application requirements, and full program details visit the project info page:
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