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CDTPS 22/23 Season’s Student Production TTD is seeking 9 actors, 1 assistant director, 1 sound designer, and 1 prop/costume designer. 



Loosely based on Nobel prize-winning writer Gunter Grass’s The Tin Drum, TTD combines literary adaptation and documentary theatre. Juxtaposing the domestic life of a German family during World War Two with documentary episodes of our contemporary society, TTD problematizes the relations between security and terror, technology and freedom, capital and frontier, and “us” and “them.”


Group audition dates and locations

Thursday Jan 26th, 14:00-15:00

Friday Jan 27th, 14:00-15:00

@Performance Studio (Main floor UC Union building, 79 St. George Street)

After the group auditions, the director will stay behind until 16:00 on both dates for individual auditions and conversations.


PAID – Honorarium


Characters & Descriptions

This play is deliberately nonrepresentational and employs nontraditional casting. All roles are open to all regardless of background, gender, or physical appearance.  

Oskar (Lead. Played by a child mannequin, an actor and a voice actor)

Born in 1924, Oskar is the child of a petit bourgeoisie family in Danzig. They refused to grow up at the age of 3 and remain so throughout World War Two. They love playing their tin drum, which they turn into a sonic weapon. Experience in puppetry, clown, dance, mime, and other forms of physical theatre is a plus for this role.  


Oskar’s Mother. Kashubian/Polish origin. Joined German citizenship upon marriage. Has an extramarital affair with her cousin DADA.


Oskar’s father. German. Runs a grocery store after coming back from World War I. Becomes a casual Fascist.


Oskar’s uncle. Kashubian origin, Polish citizen. Works at Polish Post Office. Has an extramarital affair with MAMA.


A world-famous showman who refused to grow up at the age of 10. Oskar’s tutor. Experience in clown, dance, mime, and other forms of physical theatre is a plus for this role.


We need 3 actors to play diverse ensemble roles that include: petit bourgeoise in Danzig, a Jewish toy seller, a schoolmaster, a subway security guard, a Baker who’s good at poker, clerks at the Polish Post Office, the Police, an Inspector, a Persecutor and a Judge, some Marxist students, a Spokesman of the state, some young delinquents, etc.


Other talents wanted:

Assistant Director

Sound Designer / Musical Director

Prop / Costume Designer


To Learn more and Sign up: visit

Any questions, contact:

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