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A rectangular colourful banner with the title Performing Arts in Canada: Where are the Audiences, showing the date of November 16 and time of 12:00 pm Eastern, and logos of 8 Canadian arts service organizations.

Performing Arts in Canada: Where Are the Audiences? 

We had over 500 registrants for this webinar, and we value every one of you! Due to a technical issue with Zoom, we were only able to admit 100 registrants, although we were set up to welcome up to 1000 registrants. We quickly pivoted to a Facebook livestream, but it was an incomplete solution. Thank you for sticking with us: we truly apologize for this inconvenience. 

We are putting a back-up plan in place to address today’s issues well ahead of the next webinar in the series.  Please join us for Performing Arts in Canada: What are Audiences Telling Us?, coming up on November 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time! We promise: the excitement will be in the exchange of ideas and not with the technology! 

 🎥 Recording 

Here are the recordings from last week’s webinar: 

📽 Slide decks

• Eric Nelson, Client Engagement Officer, TRG Arts’s presentation: 

 • Benjamin Broucke, Project Executive, Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Government of New Brunswick’s presentation: 

• William César Lareau, Synapse C’s presentation: 

EN: Still under translation – We will share it once done! 

🥸Feedback Survey  

Your input and feedback are very important to us and they help us better plan future webinars and events! Please fill out this short survey: 

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