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Dates: July 19 – August 14, 2021

We need 4 Junior Youth Guides, Ages 13-15 (Honorarium of $200)
We need 4 Senior Youth Guides, Ages 16-20 (Honorarium $800)

You must commit to being available for ALL 4 weeks of Peace Camp, from JULY 19 – AUGUST 14, 2021

You must also commit to being present at the Virtual Peace Camp Meet & Greet on Tuesday July 13, 2021 [1-2 PM]
and the In-Person Camp Orientation on 
Thursday July 15, 2021 [1-4 PM]. 

Youth Guide Responsibilities: 
● Attend all Peace Camp sessions, on time and ready to go.
● Supervise Peace Campers, ensuring they are following covid
19 protocols and generally following camp guidelines.
● Participate in all programming, with intent and with joy
as much as possible.
● Bring any issues to the directors, artistic director or
Peace Camp team.
● Let the directors, artistic director or Peace Camp team
know of any absences and lateness in advance of sessions.

Benefits of Being a Youth Guide: 
● References for jobs and other positions.
● Completion of volunteer hours.
● Opportunities to apprentice with directors and artist
● Directors and artist guides to be clear about expectations
of youth guides.
● A joyful and fun experience.
● Directors and artist guides to be provided feedback and

If interested, please apply using this link.

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