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Join 200+ art professionals, innovators and change-makers over 3 days to explore the future of arts and technology. Digital technology has become a vital tool for artists and cultural organizations to create, engage, tell stories, and generate revenue. The theme of ‘Arts + Technology’ will explore the latest tech innovations and their impact on cultural organizations. International experts will showcase best practices to create immersive experiences.

When: 20 – 22 November 2023

Where: National Gallery Singapore


Over the past two years, digital technology has come to the fore as a tool for artists and cultural organizations to create and engage, tell stories and generate revenue.
The theme ‘Arts + Technology’ will explore what the latest tech innovations mean for cultural organizations.

  1. Transforming institutions from the inside-out
    How to encourage relevant and creative use of new technologies within your team? What new kinds of membership, marketing and CRM strategies have cultural institutions developed to stay on top and leverage new digital evolutions? This section deals with management, digital transformation and all the “back-office” work making our institutions run.
  2. Linking up: working with Big Tech, artists, and AI
    This section will explore the pros and cons, dos and don’ts when partnering with Big Tech and working with digital artists. We will also look at the legal implications of working with AI; the ethical implications of collecting visitors’ data; etc. Digital and NFT artists as well as Tech and legal professionals will take part in the conversation.
  3. Audience engagement reboot
    Audience engagement is a vast topic, at the heart of what we do as Culture professionals. A series of case-studies and keynotes will explore this theme on two planes: one focusing on new avenues for education and outreach through social media, the Web 3.0 and tech-inspired engagement strategies. The second will look closely at new forms of storytelling currently being developed with a focus on non-dominant narratives and universally inclusive formats.
  4. Anticipating our common futures: what’s coming ?
    This world is evolving much quicker than we’re probably able to adapt. This final section of the forum will be an opportunity to discuss various very present issues and emerging topics such as: decentralized autonomous organisations and their potential impact on our societies; how new technologies affect climate change and the environment in general; and more!

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