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The Designing Your Data Narrative Intensive will provide 12 arts organizations with a compensated opportunity to dive deep into the design and piloting of a data-to-practice process. This component will include 7 online modules and one-on-one sessions with a Data Coach. Data Coaches will be selected by arts organizations from a pool of experts who provide guidance, training, and support in how to effectively work with data.

Designing Your Data Narrative has been specifically developed for arts organizations. Arts professionals will emerge with tools to move from being data collectors to data mentors, demonstrating how data can be used to support strategy, decision-making, and innovation.

By Spring 2024, twelve arts organizations will have fully engaged in the Designing Your Data Narrative Intensive. Each of these arts organizations will take the lead in presenting an Arts Data Demo to their own networks. This showcase of twelve Arts Data Demos will illustrate how each participating arts organization has harnessed insights gleaned from the training and coaching to shape their very own data-driven stories, setting an inspiring example for their sector.

Arts professionals interested in learning new ways elevate their arts organization’s storytelling prowess with impactful narratives backed by solid data should register here.

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