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Posted by Musical Stage Company

Audition Notice: Dixon Road by Fatuma Adar

The Musical Stage Company will be holding auditions in Toronto on November 15th-16th  for future workshops and production of Dixon Road by Fatuma Adar.

** This project has not yet had its public announcement. Thank you for your discretion.**

Contract Type/House Category/Rates:  As per CAEA (ITA)


Dixon Road tells the story of a Somali family who immigrate to Canada in 1991 as the civil war begins to tear their homeland apart. They settle in Dixon Road, in a neighbourhood near Pearson airport that is still the heart of Toronto’s Somali community today. Combining traditional Somali melodies, R&B & Contemporary Verse, Dixon Road is an exhilarating new Canadian musical about legacy, displacement, and finding a new sense of home.


We are looking for quick and adaptable performers who are able to bring these characters to life and help our writing team learn more about the piece as it develops. Performers should be able to sing. An ability to read music is an asset.

Ethnocultural mandate or casting statement:

As the cultural identity and integrity of this show is rooted in Black culture, we are only looking for actors who identify as being part of the  Black/African Diaspora to submit.

We are committed to diverse, inclusive and culturally conscious casting especially from folks who identify as LGBTQ2S+, d/Deaf, Mad, Disabled/People with Disabilities, and/or Neurodiverse. 

Submission Instructions:   

Please include a resume, headshot, and indicate the role(s) you are interested in auditioning for (including if you would like to be considered for the ensemble) and submit by email for consideration to with subject line “DIXON ROAD AUDITION”

**PLEASE NOTE** You may or may not be asked to read for all of the roles which you indicate interest in.

  • Headshots must be .jpg, .jpeg, or .pdf files, titled “YOUR NAME Headshot”, and be no larger than 2 MB.  Headshots do not need to be from a professional photographer.
  • Resumes must be .pdf files titled “YOUR NAME Resume”
  • You may combine your headshot and resume into one PDF if preferred

Submission Deadline:  October 25th, 5:00pm ET

Due to the high volume of submissions, only successful applicants will be contacted to audition

Audition Dates: 

November 15th-16th 

Audition Notes:

Successful applicants will be asked to prepare 32 bars of two contrasting songs that showcase your acting ability, musicality, and vocal range.  Please note that this play features R & B, rap, and North American music theatre styles of music.

We will provide successful applicants with material from the play to prepare. 

***PLEASE NOTE*** Artists do not need to be off book for their audition appointment 

Callback Dates: 

November 18th 

COVID-19 Protocols: 

  • Masks will be required of all artists 
  • Physical distancing will be maintained throughout the audition. 
  • All artists attending auditions must be fully vaccinated



February 7-18, 2022 (approx 8  days within this period, slightly flexible) 

March 7-25, 2022 (approx  12 days within this period, slightly flexible) 


APRIL to JULY, 2022 (for a 3-4 week rehearsal period, 4-5 week performance run; while the production is confirmed, schedule is still in flux, open to working with actor availability) 

Character Breakdown


  • Plays late 40s, HIGH BARITONE
  • Optimistic, hardworking, patriotic, and prideful. Zaki is a self-made man who has always believed that hard work and determination can take you anywhere. He’s proud of the country that made him; so much so that he’s sometimes blinded to its imperfections. When he’s transplanted to Toronto and is surrounded by folks who are obtuse to his worth he begins a rigorous battle to show the world that he’s still the man he used to be. 


  • Plays mid 40s, ALTO / MEZZO-SOP 
  • Realist, regal, the rock. Being married to Zakariya and having Batoul as a daughter means Safiya is always surrounded by dreamers. In Somalia Safiya had maids to take care of the cooking and cleaning and all she had to take care of was her jewelry. But in a one bedroom apartment in Toronto the days of luxury are far behind her and Safiya learns to be grateful for her one last source of real wealth, her family. 


  • Plays 16, MEZZO-SOP
  • Witty, sweet, wanderlust, the daughter of Zaki and Safiya. Batoul is trying to figure out her own calling. Although her father is her biggest hero he also has big shoes to fill. To make things worse, in trying to make him proud she gets her entire family shipped to Dixon Road. Riddled with guilt and navigating this new environment she wonders if it’s even fair to go after her own dreams since she’s the reason her father lost his. 


  • Plays mid 70s, ALTO
  • Zaki’s mother. Matriarch, faithful, home. Nothing scares Halima. If her faith is her armour, her country is her fortress. She’s seen Somalia through the good and the bad and loves it all the same. Long ago her husband went missing and she was left to raise Zakariya by herself. Zakariya growing into the successful man he is today reinvigorated her belief that Allah has better plans for us then we have for ourselves. She holds onto this faith as tight as she can when her family must flee their sunny homeland for a colder reality, and for the first time in decades Halima’s left alone. 


  • Plays late 40s, TENOR
  • Funny, crass, generous. Abdi was amongst the first refugees to move to Toronto. When newcomers land it’s often his face that helps them settle in. When the Hussein family move into his one-bedroom apartment with his son Yousef he quickly sees they are going to have a rough learning curve to the ways of the western world. As they all watch a civil war unravel and destroy their country on the evening news, Abdi tries to shine a light on the community that still survives here on Dixon Road. 


  • Plays early 20s, BARITONE
  • Angsty, quiet, a bit of a recluse. Yousef is Abdi’s son. Like Batoul he too feels the pressure of making his father proud, which is why he’s enrolled in an “engineering” program even though he much rather play his gameboy. When Batoul arrives in Canada and tells her parents she wants to be a writer he’s astounded by her candor, maybe even a bit jealous. 


  • In addition to the above roles, we are also seeking four ensemble members of any gender expression, any age and all vocal types.  Strong singing, acting and dance/movement is a plus.

If you have any questions, please contact our Artistic Development Associate Victoria Wang at

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