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Pay What You Can


with Designated Linklater Voice Teacher

Sarah Weatherwax

Develop your talent, meet like-minded people, feel good about your voice!

These casual voice classes are offered to support under-employed actors & singers, but are open to all.

If you have never worked on your voice and are curious, this is a good way to explore this method without a big commitment of time or money.

No previous voice training required.  Great review and refresher for experienced performers too.

For actors, a free voice creates easier access to talent. Learn to trust your instincts, let your voice be transformed and go where the text and character take it. For other creatives and artists, this work frees the creative voice and encourages ease and flow. For non-artists, a free voice means an easier time being clear, confident and spontaneous in interviews, meetings and public speaking engagements.

Review/learn some of the basics: spinal alignment; breath awareness; open sound; humming; lip flutters. Open more space in your body for breath and voice. Gently improve the range & variety of your speaking voice.

On-line, live participation by way of Zoom. Relaxed, professional environment.

Join Sarah and a great group of clients for a fun, easy-going voice class on the 3rd Thursday of the month until the end of 2023.

Two more classes this Fall:

Thursday, November 16, 5 to 7PM ET – that’s this week !

& Thursday, December 21, 5 to 7PM ET

Register (with a brief email to noting the date of the class you would like to attend) & pay (by E-transfer or PayPal to no sooner than one week before the class, and no later than one hour before class start time. 

Once you register & pay, you will receive an email with all the details and the Zoom link. These classes are not continuous, they are stand-alone classes. Please pay for each class separately.

Class Price: Pay What You Can ! Suggested, $25 CAD per class. If paying by PayPal, please pay an additional $5 to cover the fees.

For really specific work such as, but not limited to: identifying & releasing vocal blocks; in-depth audition or acting coaching; vocal character work; gaming/VO support; musical theatre acting-through-singing coaching; improving public speaking or meeting management skills; or to have Sarah create a repeatable voice/body warm-up tailored for you, consider booking a Private Voice Lesson. Private lessons are offered in person in Toronto’s east end, or by way of zoom, which includes a downloadable recording. Contact Sarah for fees and availability.

Details also on the Voice Teaching page of Sarah’s website.

Brief Bio: Sarah has taught voice for the actor for almost 20 years, working at numerous studios & schools including Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts, Brock University, Humber College, Straeon Acting Studios in Toronto, Montreal and Boston and Meisner Academie in The Netherlands.

Sarah Weatherwax


Go to for full teacher bio.

E-mail: any questions.

Experience the joy and the power of knowing you can express anything and everything through the vibrations of your voice.

Mean what you say. Say what you mean.

Maximum Effect. Minimum Effort.

Hi Sarah – Yesterday I performed the solo piece twice. In the morning, I did a vocal warm-up from the recording of our session last Wednesday and it had a tremendous effect on my voice. The feeling of being ‘soft inside’ stayed with me for both shows. I started to feel real connection with the words – the images, the feelings. Back at home I sang a few songs with the guitar just to release the excitement. But 4 hours of playing with so much text, WOW. Linklater work with you made it possible. So thank you Sarah, really, thank you!! I love this work and there is so much to explore!” – Ksenia, Actor & Singer


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