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Everything You Need for GivingTuesday

Are you Ready for GivingTuesday? Here’s everything you need.


We’re a couple weeks from GivingTuesday! Can you feel it?

Even if you haven’t put anything together yet, there’s still time to have an amazing GivingTuesday campaign. Your #GivingTuesday Resource Centre has everything you need to make GivingTuesday even bigger for your charity this year.

In the resource centre, you’ll find:

Ultimate GivingTuesday Checklist

Tips on what it takes to plan and prepare a successful GivingTuesday campaign.
A high-level GivingTuesday tasks timeline, spanning two weeks before to the days after.
Recommendations on what to keep track of to make your campaign even better next year.

GivingTuesday Social Media Calendar

Leverage the calendar sheet to organize which campaign message is released when.
Manage a copy deck you can fill in to prep your tweets and posts well in advance, with all the pieces (images, copy, CTA) in a centralized location
Review your social success as you go, and compare year over year, with our handy reporting sheet.

GivingTuesday Email Templates

Organize and plan your emails throughout the day, to ensure you’re getting campaign updates to the right people at the right time.
Leverage fundraising email best practices so you can get your message across and drive your supporters to take action.
Design succinct calls-to-action (CTA) that are supported by the direct impact donations will make.


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