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Posted by Shakespeare in Action

A bit about us:

SHAKESPEARE IN ACTION (SIA) is an theatre education company, and in 2019 became the resident professional theatre organization at the Artscape Weston Common, in Toronto’s Weston community.  After a change in leadership in 2020, SIA has engaged in a strategic revisioning process which centres SIA’s mandate around serving, reflecting and engaging children, families and seniors in this community.  SIA acknowledges we are at the early stages of our journey centring equitable practices, and invite you to follow our progression here. SIA is excited to continue our relationship with Katia Cafe-Febrissy, the writer/director of NONA’S MALAIKA, and re-imagine this project in a digital theatre format.

A bit about the production:

NONA’S MALAIKA (NM) is a seventy-five minute futuristic comedy and digital theatre play for young audiences, that explores conversations around social media and mental health for Black youth in the midst of a pandemic.  Inspired by the social isolation of COVID-19, and given COVID’s disproportionate presence in our community, NM seeks to tell the story of a young Black girl named Malaika situated in Toronto’s northwest during a not-so-distant future, where a new virus COVID-2.0 is spread through eye-contact.

One evening when Malaika must babysit her younger siblings again because her mom is off to work a night shift in the hospital, her phone (which has a mind of its own) decides to call Malaika’s teacher Ms Wright, also experiencing incredible loneliness.  Malaika’s phone (which she has named Nona) and Malaika’s untouched computer are our unlikely narrators, and are the lens through which we experience Malaika and Ms. Wright’s relationship, and their journey toward connection and forbidden eye contact.  NONA’S MALAIKA mixes sci-fi with vaudevillian humour to explore the emotional toll of physical distancing on young people’s mental health, and how our devices facilitate both increased feelings of isolation AND connection.

We are looking for the following positions:


All positions and contract details are listed on our website.  Fee ranges from $500 – $4,500 depending on the position.

For position information:

To apply:

Hiring Priorities

Shakespeare In Action is seeking young performance professionals in various departments for the filmed stage production called Nona’s Malaika.

SIA is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and to building an organization that reflects the communities we serve.   We strongly encourage applications from folks who reflect our community, including: Black, Indigenous, and radicalized communities; Two-Spirit, non-binary, trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer people; and newcomers. SIA is also prioritizing candidates that live, work, and/or have a relationship with the diverse communities in northwest Toronto, including but not limited to: Weston, Mount Dennis, Rockcliffe-Smythe, Pelham, and Rexdale.


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