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Posted by KSM Self-tapes & Acting Coach Mikaela Lily Davies

KSM Self-Tapes and acting coach Mikaela Lily Davies, are joining forces to offer our seventh Level Up: A Self-Tape Masterclass, a 2-day intensive to empower actors and, ultimately, share our love for the craft.

Date: June 10th and 11th

Day 1 10:00-6:00 / Crafting the Audition (cold reading, breakdowns, text analysis, emotional preparation, being seen on camera)

Day 2 10:00-6:00 / Taping the Audition (equipment, blocking/business, self-direction, owning your space, editing your tape)

Location: Queen and Spadina

Cost: $325 plus hst

8 spots total, 4 spots available. Proof of vaccination is required.

Register at

KSM Self-Tapes, established in 2012, is one of Toronto’s top self-tape studios. Founder Kimberly-Sue Murray is an established actor and self-tape coach and her love for the craft has allowed her to grow her business and share her passion with hundreds of clients. (

Mikaela Lily Davies has been coaching actors successfully on their film/tv auditions for the past decade, helping them book projects for NBC/Global, Hulu, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Apple TV, Oprah Winfrey Network, MGM, CBC, Prime Video and many others. (

Reviews from Past Participants…

“If you are a serious professional and thinking of taking this class, definitely do it. I LOVED this class.The chemistry and insight from Mikaela and Kim together is gold.”

Patricia Summersett

“Kim and Mikaela are both nothing short of extraordinary. They bring such heart, passion, knowledge, and fun to the work. Taking their workshop was rejuvenating and profound in ways I was not expecting. Not only do they provide efficient, fun and nuanced instruction  with the breadth of their knowledge, they make you excited to work, and acknowledge you as the creators and artists you are. They are so generous in their knowledge, inviting autonomy and play in the actors they coach. They provide a safe, inviting, and rewarding space, meet you where you’re at, and allow you to realize that creating great work can come from just where you are. I feel energized, empowered, and ready. TAKE THEIR CLASS! Really.”

Zara Jestadt

“A class that consistently kept me on my toes, yet never felt in over my head as Kim and Mikaela were endlessly supportive. They had a great eye for when to deepen moments by committing further, when to flip the scene on its head to shake it up, and to know when we were robbing the scene of what we uniquely bring, thereby pushing us to allow the most authentic parts of ourselves to come into the scene. “

Cody Ray Thompson

“An invaluable experience for any actor who want to raise their standards and take ownership of their auditions. Kim and Mikaela demystify the process of self-taping and provide applicable tools that embolden actors to craft unique and memorable performances. Kim and Mikaela approach the work with such vigor, thoughtfulness and care that you can’t help but be inspired by their way of working. A weekend full of laughs, heart and remarkable work from every actor in the room. This is all due to the open and collaborative atmosphere that Kim and Mikaela help to create. The kind of creative space that allows actors to feel safe to make bold choices within their work and to be fully seen in front of the camera. I walked away from this weekend feeling so reinvigorated and inspired and I can’t wait to apply these tools to my own self tapes. I would not think twice about recommending this workshop to any actor I know.”

Taylor Bernier

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