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Posted by Kristin Linklater Voice Centre

Designated Linklater Voice Teacher Sarah Weatherwax is leading a one-hour voice warm-up for the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre this Thursday, Sept. 16 at 11AM ET.
Kristin Linklater passed away in June of 2020, and since that time the staff at KLVC, her son the talented actor Hamish Linklater, her brother Magnus and the global community of teachers she trained have been working to keep this method of teaching voice growing and to keep KLVC in Orkney open for business.
Kristin’s career was stunning, her personality was magnetic.
Her work – this work – changed actor training forever. It also has enormous benefits for the non-actor.
The warm-up Sarah is leading is entitled ‘Feel Better Now.’
‘A simple warm-up to help you feel freer in body, breath and voice. An aligned spine can help with clarity of thought; deeper breath can lean us toward physical well-being; releasing vibrations can relieve stress. Listening & focusing on our senses can help us feel more present in the moment, and more connected to our world and others in a positive way.’
Consider joining this worldwide community of voice teachers and actors to free your voice, develop your talent, support KLVC – an absolutely incredible retreat centre for voice & art in a beautiful natural setting – and to Feel Better Now.
Thursday, Sept. 16, 11AM ET (4PM BT) 
15 GBP.  (British Pounds)
To register: Click on the link below.
Scroll alllllll the way down, past the list of LINKLATER LIVE ON DEMAND VIDEOS until you see the title and description for the warm-up this week:

Sept. 16, 2021 Feel Better Now. It says 4PM, because it is listed in British Time. .
Click on the BOOK NOW button on the right.
free voices are important.
free voices speak truths that can not be denied.
free voices encourage an equitable expression of emotion.
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