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Posted by The Assembly Theatre

Mental Wellness Month, presented by The One Four One Collective and The Assembly Theatre, continues this weekend with more PWYC programs designed to tend to your mind, body, and spirit.

Event Details

When: November 12 – 28

Where: The Assembly Theatre – 1479 Queen Street West

All events will be live streamed from The Assembly Theatre for those that want to join from home.

Cost: Donate-What-You-Can

Register at:


Saturday, November 20 – 7:30pm – Mental Health Q & A Session hosted by Matt Eldridge (MSW, RSW – Social Worker/Psychotherapist)

This Q&A is an opportunity for artists to engage in a meaningful conversation about mental health, and ask questions about mental health within the scope of their creative career. Whether it is learning how to cope with heavy subject matter, balancing a heavy show load, or gaining insight on how to make space for your unique needs, participants are encouraged to submit questions online and tune in to the live-streamed event. Please join us for strategies on taking care of oneself and fortifying one’s mental health in an arts based career.

Matt Eldridge (he/him) is a registered social worker, having completed his Master of Social Work degree in 2013. He has a background in theatre, circus, and dance, and is passionate about supporting the mental health of artists. He believes in the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment to process experiences, heal, and grow. Matt is passionate about teaching, and regularly offers mental health educational workshops to arts-based organizations.

Sunday, November 21- 10:00am – Liminal Movement hosted by Dee de Lara

A pause in the in-between to move forward with purpose. In this 1-hour class you’re invited to root into your foundation: 40 minutes of medium intensity Pilates and somatics-based movement that focuses on stabilizing and strengthening your core/centre, followed by 20 minutes of reflection, writing and conversation. All you need are an open space on the floor with a mat / towel, a  small cushion / bolster / yoga block to make sitting more comfortable, a journal / something to write with, and an open heart and ear to share and listen.

Dee de Lara (she/they) facilitates spaces for people to connect, explore and disrupt with curiosity. She founded The Liminal Movement, spaces to wonder and wander in the “in-between” in community: Pilates, dance and somatics-based movement and mindfulness to spark curiosity, conversations and workshops to ignite action, and research and strategy to fuel untold narratives. She facilitates from Tkaronto (Toronto), the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinaabe and the Wendat, and the treaty territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit.

Sunday, November 21 – 11:30am – Gentle Stretches + Yoga Nidrā hosted by Tash Francesca

Yoga nidrā is a powerful state of eternal potentiality within a shape that looks like rest. However rest + stillness is not innately “easy” for most minds, so before we lay: we move, we gently lengthen and contract as we cultivate the physical body into a vessel which energy moves freely. Once we embody that spaciousness through breath we lay in a supported shape to receive the gently guided nidrā practice. Expect this practice to be gentle and I am to keep you in that space between wakefulness and sleep the whole time, this class will feel like a big body yawn leaving you nourished and rested for the rest of your day.

Tash (she/her) is a pinay mixed movement teacher in the city with deep roots in yoga philosophy, settlerhood, rest + movements that nourish the body so we may actively work towards stilling the mind. Her chosen primary teachers are Hali Schwartz, Taryn Diamond, Dr. Melissa Jay, Hana Lukac and Alexx Temena alongside the many folx she holds space with + for. Her work encompasses numerous drop in classes within Tkaronto, decolonization workshops for teacher training programs as well as special events, corporate + private clients. Her aim is to scale back the layers of attachment and identification so we may remember our way back home within ourselves.

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