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Actor/Designated Linklater Voice Teacher Sarah Weatherwax

offers a MONTHLY VOICE CLASS SUBSCRIPTION at a reasonable price!

Develop your talent, meet like-minded people, feel good about your voice. New and experienced performers welcome. This class is geared to actors and singers, but non-performers are absolutely welcome to join !

Various class times offered to suit various schedules and time zones. No obligation to attend all classes live, however participants are required to watch the recordings of any missed classes within that same week, so learning can build from class to class. No commitment beyond one month necessary.

Sept. 2021 Subscription Class Dates & Times:

Wed. Sept. 8, 10AM to 12PM ET

Wed. Sept. 15, 12PM to 2PM ET

Wed. Sept. 22, 2PM to 4PM ET

Wed. Sept. 29, 5PM to 7PM ET

*Recordings of all classes will be avail for you to ‘review & do’ until Wed. Oct. 6.*

Review/learn some of the basics: spinal alignment; breath awareness; open sound; humming, lip flutters. Open more space in your body for voice by way of jaw swings, tongue & soft palate stretches. Increase your breath capacity – great for gaming work. Access more vocal variety – great for commercial VO work, narration and animation – by working on resonators and range.

Relaxed, professional environment. Receive individualized guidance. Learn various ways to release vocal blocks.

Actors: A free voice leads to an open readiness for acting, making real listening easier, instinctive responses quicker and physical and vocal transformation more believable.

Non-actors: Actors are good at staying relaxed and receptive in the inner layer of musculature regardless of what they are doing. They are good at real listening, clear thinking and articulate speech under stressful speaking circumstances. How could those skills benefit you?


Registration: E-mail Sarah a brief note of interest. Actors, please send resume and mention applicable discounts. Please pay after Sarah has responded to your email. Repeat clients, no need for the intro email.

Full payment any time before the first class of the month is fine. Payments accepted by E-transfer from Canadian clients and by PayPal from international clients. Price includes tax & PayPal fees. Payments go to:

Subscription Price:

Canadians: $60 CAD/month by E-transfer.

International (incl. American) clients: $65 CAD/month by PayPal.

*ACTRA/CAEA/Straeon Price:

Canadians: $50 CAD/month by E-transfer.

International: $55 CAD/month by PayPal.

Discounts will also be honoured for members of international Actors’ Unions. Proof of current union/Straeon membership expected before discounts applied.

*Inquire about discounted private lessons when paired with Subscription Classes.*

Once you subscribe, you will receive an email with details and the Zoom link for that month. (Class dates & times also on my website.) All you need is a little space and a device with Zoom (free to download) on it. Wear something stretchy, have a mat or blanket to lay down on, and water nearby.

See subscription info on website:  Click on WORKSHOPS.

E-mail: any questions. Go to for teacher bio. No messages via website or Facebook please.

Experience the joy and the power of knowing you can express anything and
everything through the vibrations of
your voice.

Mean what you say. Say what you mean.

Maximum Effect. Minimum Effort.

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