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Theatre Passe Muraille

RGTC is a grant program administered by the Ontario Arts Council. This program is unique in that applicants apply to select theatre companies across Ontario. The Theatre companies each select works to recommend to the Ontario Arts Council, to award a grant.

You can be recommended to receive between $1000-3000 in funding per company, and you can apply to up to five companies.

Why Should You Apply?

As you can gather, RGTC is a smaller grant. But this also means the application process is relatively simple (compared to project grants), making it a great “first grant” to write for your work-in-progress.

You also don’t need to have a completed project to apply, making this a great program for us to meet artists and start a conversation with them as they embark on their artistic journey.

So, do you have a project in mind?

Visit our website and read about our mission, mandate, and vision — and if you feel that we are a company who aligns with your work, send an application via the Ontario Arts Council grant portal! We prioritize applications by Artists of Colour, Indigenous artists, Black artists, Deaf artists, artists with disabilities and queer artists (which includes trans, gender non-conforming and gender non-binary) creating with alternative points of view or processes.

Learn More

Please note: The grant application process is administered by the Ontario Arts Council. However, if you have any questions or face barriers during the application process, please reach out to Artistic Associate, April Leung at to discuss how we can offer more support.

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