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We’re looking to cast 2 actors with stage and theatre training for an upcoming experimental short film.  Set in a pseudo-fantasy reality and loosely based around the Arthurian myth of Perceval and Wagner’s opera Parsifal. It merges cinematic realism with theatrical dance and performance.   The story follows a mother and daughter escaping trauma and documents their conflicting responses to the mysterious world around them.


*** Open to all ethnicities.   Non-binary or Trans actors also encouraged to submit.
BLANCHE (Early 20s)  Raised only by her/their extremely overbearing and protective mother.  As a result, Blanche has a certain wide-eyed and naive charm about her/them that only comes from a person who has been shielded away from the realities of the world. She/they posses a certain power that is both unknown to her/them and her/their mother, yet starts to become present when certain mystic entities from the outside begin to lure her/them away form her mother’s grasp.

KAYE (40-50 – all ethnicities welcome)  Blanche’s mother.  A strong, and devoted person who has experienced a great deal of trauma and sadness in her lifetime.  She wears this trauma like a mask, and her strength like a like a cloak.   She sees the world as an extremely hostile and dangerous place and tries to protect her daughter from it.  As such, she’s developed a bit of a weathered warrior spirit who appears at war with world.

Please submit headshots & resumes to with the subject heading ‘casting submission’.
Both roles are paid and include 2 days of shooting plus 1 or 2 rehearsals.
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