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The Shoe Project is a wonderful initiative begun by the prolific Canadian novelist Katherine Govier 10 years ago. Under her tutelage, women immigrants wrote stories about their journeys to Canada, with a thematic focus on the shoes that brought them here. A live reading of the stories followed, to great success. What started in Toronto quickly expanded to include branches all across the country. Additional established authors joined as writing mentors. And voice coaches and directors now work with the women to prepare them for all performances.

In this way, these women improve their written and spoken English language skills, they become more employable and more comfortable in their new country, and they share their incredible stories with the world.

This year marks the ten year anniversary and a national ‘Best of’ performance is scheduled in Toronto for Sunday Sept. 12. Sarah Weatherwax will be the vocal coach & director. 

The Shoe Project is seeking a Stage Manager for the event, to be available for online meetings and very light work hours from August 1. SM to be available for some work hours from Friday August 27. In-person work hours will be very limited. The stage manager will be expected to be fully available for in-person work on Sat. Sept. 11 and Sunday Sept. 12. There is only one performance at 2PM EDT at Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St. East, on Sunday Sept. 12.

The stage manager will create a slide show to be shown during the performance behind the women as they read, approx 20 pictures in total. SM will create the ‘walk-up’ music cues, 10 seconds in length each, one for each story-teller. All pix and music for these cues will be provided by the story-tellers by Aug. 9. SM can create the slide show and music file in their own time, but it is to be completed by Sept. 5.

SM will run the show at the performance, incl. all light, sound & picture cues.

The pay for this short, interesting job is $500.

If interested, please send your resume and a brief letter of interest to Cordelia Tang at

She will then arrange an interview with Sarah Weatherwax.

Go to for more info about The Shoe Project.

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