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Posted by Mass Culture

As part of Mass Culture’s Futures of Arts Work report launched in November 2021, Co-Authors Jeanne LeSage and Shawn Newman asked the question:

What Can We Now Do To Design our Governance?

Included in the report is the Governance Pathways Worksheet, offered as a tool to organizations to design their governance, in a process including board, leadership and staff.

On January 17th, join Mass Culture for a hands-on knowledge-gathering workshop as they bring this preliminary tool to the sector to test it out. Attendees will work collaboratively on adapting it, pulling it apart, adding to it and generally exploring it for your own organization’s governance needs. Participants will select a breakout room dedicated to one of the 3 subject areas detailed in the worksheet: Mandatory requirements, Duty of Care, or Strong Organizational Oversight. Guided by a knowledgeable facilitator, participants will have the opportunity to discuss a specific worksheet section, suggest edits and share resources that could also provide guidance to others who are interested in shaping strong governance for their organizations.

It is Mass Culture’s hope that this workshop will result in an improved Governance Pathways Worksheet that is designed for the community by the community and that collectively, the group will have amassed resources that are useful and applicable to a wider diversity of organizations that are embarking on a journey of improving their governance.

Miro and Airtable will be utilized during the workshop and shared with all participants to capture notes and gather shared resources for the benefit of others in our community. 

Background information about the Future of Work report and additional information about the event on January 17th can be found at 


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